Spiritual Guidance Readings

Is your life going to plan right now?

Stuck in a rut?

Feeling lost with no direction?

Do you have questions that need answers?

Then book in for a Spiritual Guidance reading!

 As we have all experienced over the past few years, nothing is set in stone, and our lives can change in an instant, for the better or for the worst or a mixture of both.   This can sometimes affect our decision making in life, not knowing what we should be doing or not doing, where we should going or not going, what we should or should not be saying.  It can be a minefield.  

Receiving Spiritual Guidance can be extremely helpful in these situations, and sometimes it can be be life changing.  

Spiritual Guidance comes from many different places.  
1. Personal life experience.
2. Psychic intuition
3. My Spirit Guides
4. Your Spirit Guides
5. My Loved Ones
6. Your Loved Ones
7. My Spirit Animal
8. Your Spirit Animal
9. Alternative Sources  

When giving Spiritual Guidance readings I do NOT concentrate on getting loved ones in. If you want to hear from a loved one specifically, please do NOT book a reading with me.  With my experience over the years I have found that although it is great when a loved one comes in, it does little to help you with your current situation, giving you direction and the steps you need to take over the coming months.

Therefore, Spiritual Guidance, wherever it comes from, is solely to help YOU with some direction in life to help you move forwards, instead of staying in a rut.  Saying this, every now and then a loved one MAY decide to come through and say hello on the live online   7 card 1-2-1 readings. It all depends on what they feel you need at the time on the reading.

 There are 3 ways to receive Spiritual Guidance from me.
1. Voice note reading.
3 cards from the Spiritual Guidance pack will be drawn for you and you will be given a reading off of those cards.
A pic of the cards will be sent to you along with your voice note reading.
Please allow up to 3 days to receive your reading after payment has been made.
Investment - £33 / roughly US$42

2. Five card recorded video reading
5 cards will be drawn for you.
Guidance will then be given to you via the cards which will be video recorded and sent to you.
Please allow up to 5 days for the recording to be sent to you.
Investment - £67 / roughly US$85 

3. Seven card in-depth live online 1-2-1 reading
7 cards will be drawn for you.
This in-depth reading reads like a personal story for you and can be fairly emotional.
Questions are allowed on this reading.
You will be given guidance and direction on the next steps to take with your life.
SOMETIMES a loved one may pop in and say hello!
Please allow up to 7 days to receive the video recording of your live reading after the reading has taken place.
Investment - £147 / US$185 (depending on exchange rates)

**For those of you living outside of the UK, please understand that currency exchange rates fluctuate daily, therefore the conversion may increase or decrease slightly from the price advertised**

Readings can come across in numerous ways.
They can be a
Confirmation reading
Supportive reading
Empowerment reading
Kick up the backside reading
Connection reading
Awakening reading
Psychic reading
Clairvoyant reading
Mediumship reading
Healing reading
or a combination of the above.

The energy is different with every reading.

I will be doing your reading for you personally, not some BOT or the same set of cards for everyone.

The reading is about what you NEED not what you want.

The information you get from your reading may be the exact thing that you need to change your life completely.

Please also remember that I am just the messenger!

 "I was at a point in my life where I felt unsure and overwhelmed with life. I needed to make some decisions but couldn’t focus. The reading with Grant was exactly what I needed. It gave me clarity and the kick up the backside that I desperately needed. I had some home truths that I needed to hear and some great guidance on what I really needed to do. After the reading I needed a lie down to take it all in and allow myself to really focus and make some tough decisions Thank you Grant I really appreciate your support and help. Bless you" 

Kal - UK

"I’ve been blessed for many many years to have your guidance. Your free card readings, spiritual guidance readings ( the most honest, straightforward I have ever received) Attended many meditations with your classes - ( one of which will stay with me forever because it completely changed my life ) Classes- lives- your podcasts ….. You’ve given and guided- educated I’m always grateful to you Grant."

Sue - USA

 "I love honesty & that’s what you give. Offering help & awareness in so many ways 😃x." 

Karen - UK

"I attended a few of your group meditation and workshop sessions and I also received from you a spiritual guidance reading. All of them helped me to look into myself and gain a better understanding of myself and changed my way of looking at the world and people surrounding me in my everyday life. It helped me to respect myself and stop being bothered by what others think of me as well as to believe in myself more. Your work also helped me to go through a grief after losing my mum who was a very close friend of mine as well as parent. I changed my attitude to life and what actually is important to me. My relationship with my children has improved and I feel 'free' and not experiencing a fear of being dependent on others or doing things to please others in fear of losing a job or people who used to be considered to be my friends. I also lost a fear of thinking independently or expressing my thoughts even if some may find them 'odd'. Let me to use this opportunity to thank you for helping me to improve my life and wish you all the best. Best wishes Magdalena"

Magdalena - UK

"I found you during your 1 card readings on FB then I did meditations and Past Life and of course a Reading from you. All amazing and insightful."

Bernadette - USA

"You’re an amazingly gifted person & have helped me understand more about life etc. 💜💜."

Christine - UK

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  • Live 7 card 1-2-1 Spiritual Guidance Readings
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