Healing Your Relationship with Money Programme

Healing Your Relationship with Money,
Calling in Abundance & Creating a Wealth Mindset…
without the fluff and endless hours of writing out mantras! 

When people are asked what would solve all of their problems, a lot of the time the answer is more money!

More money to pay all the bills!

More money to buy new clothes!

More money to buy food!

More money to get a better house, a better car, or a fantastic holiday!

More money to help family and friends!

More money to build community projects!

The list is endless!

Are your money issues getting you down???
The lack of money in our lives can cause numerous issues for us.

It can cause illnesses, relationship breakdowns, stress, worry, anxiety, depression and even suicide.  

The thing is, most people suffer from the feelings of lack, loss and desperation.

These feelings give off a particular resonance, a frequency, a vibration.

The universe picks up on this and gives you more of the same!!

You know you deserve more money… but maybe you believe that you’re not worthy of having it

•You’re filled with dread thinking about the next bill that’s going to come through the letterbox

•You can bring in money – but you never seem to be able to keep hold of it

•You’re a good person, worthy of abundance, so where is it?

•You work hard – but you don’t see the rewards in cash

•Money takes up a lot of space in your mind

•You want money so that you can help others

•You see others feeling comfortable around money and earning loads… so why not you?

•You may even have a deep-rooted feeling that people who have money are bad

And to fix this you’ve probably tried: 

 •Setting intentions of wealth at the new moon

•Taking courses to expand your skillset

•Writing out your money affirmations 3,6, & 9 times a day, every day

•Chanted mantras

•You’ve applied for promotions and higher paid jobs

•You’ve imagined being wealthy (oh, have you imagined that!)

•You’ve read The Secret, listened to Tony Robbins, attended webinar after webinar, tried all the tricks…

•You’ve played the lottery

•You’ve even tried rubbing a lamp!!!

But something is still missing –you don’t know what, you just know there is…  

Ever wonder why some people seem lucky and attract abundance constantly whilst others always seem down on their luck and strapped for cash??

Does it just boil down to luck?

Of course not!

First and foremost, the reason that successful people keep on attracting wealth and abundance is their MINDSET! 

Do you think that Richard Branson gets up in the morning moaning about how crap the weather is, switches the TV on to watch the depressing news, wondering how he is going to get through the day, worrying about paying his bills?
Do you think that Elon Musk cries himself to sleep at night wondering how he is going to function the following morning?

Do you think that he has no idea of what he will be doing day after day after day?

Does he wake up and go through his day half-heartedly, just scraping by?
Do you think that Colonel Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken fame sat in his car in despair, thinking of giving up on his dreams of getting his recipe out into diners across America?
Do you think that they doubted themselves at times, lived in fear and just wanted someone else to fix it for them when the going got tough??

I reckon so!
But what do they all have in common?



Richard Branson was a high school dropout, left school at 16 and created a magazine called Student.

He then went on to start a mail order record business, leading onto the world renowned Virgin records, then Virgin airlines, then Virgin Media, Virgin trains, Virgin Healthcare, and controlling over 400 businesses.

Did he ever fail? Yes, loads of times.

Here’s what he says about his failures. "I suppose the secret to bouncing back is not only to be unafraid of failures but to use them as motivational and learning tools... There's nothing wrong with making mistakes as long as you don't make the same ones over and over again."

Elon Musk, born in South Africa. He was often bullied and was once severely beaten and thrown down some concrete steps for calling a boy’s father who committed suicide, stupid.

Age 10 he developed an interest in computing and video games and taught himself how to programme. At age 12 he sold his first ever computer game for $500.

He moved from South Africa to Canada in 1989 and hosted large ticketed house parties to pay for his university tuition where he gained his many degrees. He then went to Silicon Valley, then got in on the internet boom and the rest is history.

Known for Twitter (X), PayPal, SpaceX, Starlink and Tesla and a lot more. Has he ever failed? Loads of times!

Colonel Sanders at the age of 65, after running a restaurant for several years, was penniless. He wanted everyone to know about his chicken recipe as he loved and believed in it so much.

So he travelled locally, getting restaurants to try it, didn’t get anywhere, so travelled by car all over the States to try and get a restaurant to accept his recipe.

Do you know how many rejections he got before his first acceptance? 1009! You read that right, 1009 rejections before he got his yes! By 1964 he had 600 franchises selling his recipe!

He then went on to sell the company for $2million (nearly $20 million today) He said “I’ve only had two rules. Do all you can and do it the best you can.”

• And my favourite is my personal friend Neville Wright. Who went from 39p to £100 million. Neville struggled at school, didn’t realise he was dyslexic, and once he left school he found it difficult to provide for his family.

When they were expecting another child, he went to the dole office and asked if he could have an extra £2 a week to help his family. He was told no. He had 39p in his pocket, so he went and bought a rag, borrowed a ladder, then went knocking on people’s doors to ask them if they needed their windows cleaning. After he had cleaned a woman’s windows, she asked him if he fixes fences. He didn’t have a clue how to, but he said yes.

This became his philosophy for life. ‘The answer is YES, now what is the question?’ Taking on any job that paid money so that he could provide for his family.

He opened up a shop to sell prams, baby clothes, etc, which grew and grew until it became Kiddicare, the largest business for children’s items in the UK. He sold that business for £100 million and now is a property developer, as well as being a mentor helping others.

He is so down to earth and loves spending time with his family. I met Neville at a property function years ago, became connected, and have done some awesome podcasts with him where he shares his story.

A little personal highlight of mine was when he commented on a post of mine recently, saying, ‘this is why I’m glad I’m connected with Grant Hicks’.

This is what happens when your mindset changes! It changes the energy around you and the people that you will connect with. These are examples of how perseverance, dedication, and ambition along with hard work can create success; regardless of your age!

But why should you listen to me?

 Well, I have had quite a lot of experience of being
'down on my luck' shall we say.  

I have lived off of £1 a week, lived in grotty bedsits in high crime areas.  

I have hung around with the wrong kind of people shall we say, which had a huge negative impact on my life.  

I have tried and failed at many businesses.  

Come from an abusive family, etc  

One time, I was homeless, had no bed to sleep in, all alone, my family didn't want to know, and had absolutely no idea how I would get back onto my feet.  

A real scary time I can tell you!  

But, when you are on your own, with zero influence, you have a choice.  

You either carry on living life with the same thoughts, the same actions, and keep on getting the same results.  

Well that got me nowhere fast!  

Or you can change those thoughts, change your actions, and get the results that you want.  

Over the years I worked on my thought processes, surrounded myself with like-minded people who had more knowledge than me and learned from them.

I invested in myself.

 I addressed my fears and discomforts and learned to embrace any opportunities that came my way.

One such opportunity did.

 But it was wayyyy out of my reach, or so I thought.  

An opportunity came up to spend a weekend with extraordinary property investors in which they would
share their secrets of how they bought many properties.  

The cost of the whole weekend was £2,500!  

Please bare in mind that this was about 15 years ago!  

I had a feeling inside of me that I just HAD to be on that course!  

But there was a problem, I only had £500 to my name!  

They allowed me to put that down as a deposit, all I had to do now was find £2,000!!  

I had so many people telling me that I'm crazy paying £2,500 for a weekend course and it's all a con and that they would never do anything so stupid!!!

  Luckily I had been working on my mindset and their words couldn't get through to me.

 I utilised some hypnosis, NLP, meditation and manifestation techniques that I had learned prior to bring me abundance.  


Within a week, I received a letter from a company that I had dealt with about 15 years previously, and they offered me
exactly £2,000 for some old shares that I had bought for peanuts!

I couldn't believe it! But it's absolutely true!  

From the knowledge I learned on that weekend, I ended up with 8 properties!!!  

This is what having an abundant MINDSET and knowledge can achieve.  

Homeless to 8 properties


What’s stopping you from creating abundance for yourself?

 The answer is

Why is this?

Well, most people’s relationship with money is very poor.

Again, why?

It’s usually mind conditioning that is passed down from our parents. You may have heard the terms ‘money doesn’t grow on trees you know!’, ‘rich people are horrible’, ‘we can only hope’, ‘maybe one day’, ‘we’re cursed, nothing ever good happens to us’, along with envy and jealousy of anyone who had wealth or anything nice.

This behaviour and set of beliefs gets passed down from generation to generation, creating poverty on top of poverty.  

Whereas people who have an abundant mindset and a great relationship with money, create generational wealth for their families, so their wealth grows and grows from generation to generation.  

The thing is, your self-worth dictates what you receive and call in. Your self-worth acts as a ceiling, keeping you stuck.  Your earning potential will hit that ‘self-worth ceiling’ too – and you’re likely to find it hard to be paid more than you have (subconsciously) decided you are worthy of.  

The more we believe we are worthy to receive the abundance, the more we shall receive.

The question is... Are you ready to receive??  

If you are, then you are in the right place!

This 10 module programme will help heal your relationship with money and create the abundance that you desire! 

This programme is for you if you are sick and tired of not having enough money to do the things you want to do.

You want money to go out to fancy restaurants, go on holiday, buy better quality products at the supermarket, afford your bills with ease, buy yourself some nice clothes, use your money to help those less fortunate than you, start a business, help your children out, whatever you want to do!

So what's in the modules?

Module 1 

We start with the live Money Manifestation meditation

This is super powerful! This alone will shift you in to the frequency of receiving abundance. The unique track along with the subliminal frequencies and guided hypnosis will connect you with the resonance of abundance and wealth creation. Previous clients have received money immediately after listening to this meditation, including one amazing lady who asked me when will I be running it again as she received $20,000 after taking part!

Module 2

Here we look at changing your thought patterns. It is your thought patterns that dictate your relationship with money and ultimately your abundance or lack thereof. We also look at accepting change, addressing your fears and focusing on what we want to experience instead of focusing on what we don’t want.

Module 3

Here we look at addressing your fears and discomforts. You’ll also learn how to breather correctly in stressful situations. You will learn how to get comfortable with discomfort and realise that it’s ok to fail. Ditching perfectionism is also a big one in this module, as well as looking at SMART goals and what they are!

Module 4
Here we look at releasing ourselves from other people’s standards and focus on what really matters. We look at things that are in your control and things that are not in your control. How to set your SMART goals and develop a clear vision for your future. Self-awareness is also a part of this module!

Module 5

Here we address aiming for financial balance and knowing what you want. Learn about your personal ‘Break-Even point’ and creating realistic budgets for you and your family. Also, we delve into getting paid what you’re worth! This is a big one!

Module 6

In this module we go about rewriting your beliefs! You’ll learn about the potential limiting beliefs that are holding you back right now! You will go through the 8 Steps to Rewriting Your Success-Killing Self-Limiting Belief System to One of Abundance and Success. Worth its weight in gold!

Module 7

Here we delve into examining your expectations! You’ll learn that expectations are the root of all heartache! We look at the 10 Unrealistic Expectations Causing Roadblocks in Your Life and how to manage them. Then work on implementing your plan!

Module 8

This module is all about reverse engineering your abundance mindset. You will learn the important differences between an abundance and a scarcity mindset. Happiness versus resentment, change versus fearing change, along with 10 Steps to Reverse Engineering Your Thoughts to Create an Abundance Mindset.

Module 9 

This module is about living your life to the fullest! Now that you’ve rewritten your beliefs and examined your expectations, and reverse engineered your life to find the abundance that is already there, it’s time to get to live life to the fullest! You will learn how to practice unflinching gratitude, how to enjoy what you have. You will KNOW that you deserve good things and you will get organised and prepare for, and embrace opportunity when it comes!

Module 10

This module is a recording of transformational spoken affirmations from me to you. You can play these whenever, and as often you wish. Lifetime Access!

These are just snippets of what is included in the modules.

Also included with the 10 Modules with the live Money Manifestation meditation – and this is a first - you will have access to the Money Manifestation meditation for 3 months on replay! So you can listen every single day for 3 months!
Helping you to embed the learning of this programme way into 2024 and create the abundance you truly deserve.  

Angela, on a previous money manifestation meditation I held, received over $20,000 after listening to it! 

Other attendees of other money manifestation meditations I have ran over the years have had windfalls straight after listening to the meditation. All sorts of amounts ranging from hundreds, and as you can see, into the thousands.

 Money given to them out of the blue, receiving unexpected cheques, bills being written off, being given cars and a lot more!

The meditation track uses guided hypnosis techniques as well as having unique frequencies embedded into it that specifically for manifesting wealth and abundance.

You will also have lifetime access to the spoken affirmations to play and revisit whenever you wish to feel empowered and call in more abundance!

Included with the 10 Modules
are 8 checklists and 8 workbooks to keep you on track, for you to create a blueprint, a PLAN of your future life. So you know EXACTLY where you are going and how to get there. Yours to keep for life! This alone gives you an advantage over Richard Branson, Elon Musk, Colonel Sanders and my good friend Neville Wright and how they started!

So, what are you getting in this programme? 

You will receive 10 in-depth Modules, 8 checklists and 8 workbooks that you can go through in your own time, as quickly or as slowly as you like. You have lifetime access to the Healing Your Relationship with Money Modules, checklists and workbooks too!
Value £888 

You will get access to, and be part of, the live Money Manifestation meditation and you will have 3 full month’s access to the recording, to play daily, or as often as you choose – expect huge breakthroughs here on this alone!
Value £444  

Spoken affirmations from me to youValue £88


As I know exactly what it’s like to be where you are right now, and in order to make this as accessible as I possibly can, to support you in having a healthy relationship with money and create an abundant lifestyle for you and your family, this whole package is available to you for just £97! Usually £297! 
(Roughly US$119)
Saving you £1,323!!


Strictly only available until Monday 18th December 11.59pm UK time

For those of you that would like some extra support, there is a deep dive VIP option!

The VIP option includes all of the above, PLUS extra support from me personally, which includes two live group sessions online.

Here we will go through step-by-step techniques such as working with the energy of money to benefit you, as well as clearing your money blocks. Utilising clinical hypnotherapy and NLP. (One on One sessions are £250)

The VIP option is a more intimate option where you will gain even more insight into creating even more abundance for yourself.

As a bonus, when you enrol on the VIP option before MIDNIGHT Monday 18th December you will also receive a

FREE eBook – “1,000 Ways to Make Money!” 

If you only found just ONE idea in this eBook and made money from it, it could pay for this programme over and over again!

But you will have 1000 ways to choose from!

An absolute no brainer!! 

The VIP upgrade option is only an additional investment of £100!
That’s it!

I’ll repeat it for those at the back.

The VIP option for you is only £197!
Usually £497! 


The best investment you will EVER make, is when you INVEST IN YOURSELF.

Once you have this knowledge it can’t be taken away! 

These amazing offers are only available until Monday 18th December!



So don’t delay, get in on it today! 

Some kind words from some of those who have worked with me previously

👇 👇 👇 👇 👇

 "I got my court case dropped due to working with you!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻."


 "Dear Grant, I want to thank you for the times I was blessed to participate in the groups sessions 🙏 It was an incredible experience, it helped me a lot to learn how to explore the infinite possibilities in this journey of my inner growth. I appreciate your divine lightwork very much. Your guiding took me to the limitless world of miracles, an unforgettable experience. Your loving energy made me feel safe to dive into the unknown space with TRUST. Thank you for the amazing sessions with you, Grant. 🙏🏻💛✨💛🙏🏻 Keep shining your light. I honor you"🙏🏻💜 Maggie - Malta


"You’re an amazingly gifted person & have helped me understand more about life etc. Grant has helped me so much on my soul path. His wealth of knowledge & experience has enabled me to question where I was going in life. Now I have the strength & confidence to know what I want in life. Also not to give a shit what others think of you 🤣🤣🤣🤣 x "


 "You have helped me try to put myself 1st for a change and stand up for myself and not walk on eggshells. I have made a few family members less than pleased with me but ya know what? I am ok with that. I have no regrets about hitting them with the truth and it feels really good to not care what they think anymore 🤷‍♀️ Oh and manifesting.... I have been doing that for a few weeks again and I got a $400 check today out of the blue! Plus money from my mom and dad for my birthday today. I have also gotten other free things lately too! And I have met some awesome people like Wendy Munandi." 

Maine - USA

"Wow where do I begin?

I first followed your guidance about a year ago. I wrote down what I needed help in and one of the items was to find a better paying job. Needless to say I got another job paying more the very next month.

Also another successful story is that you asked us to write down our desire on what we wanted to create. I wanted a Range Rover white with a tan interior. I got the exact vehicle a few weeks ago. I didn't pay for cash but I still got it like I had asked for in one of your sessions.

I have really enjoyed meeting you and getting to know you. I love listening to your podcast too. It makes me think of so many things. The way I eat, live and everything. I have looked at the world differently since meeting you.

 However I do miss the live meditation sessions where you give us healing sounds and techniques."


Grant has been a trusted teacher, mentor, and friend. He has been instrumental in the realization of my own divine potential. With his trusted loving guidance, he helped lead me towards the divine journey - the path to myself. Learning to tap into my own authentic self.

To blaze my own trail, unlocking my gifts and abilities both magnificent and magical. I have taken most of Grant's classes and meditations, some of them multiple times.

It is a safe, non-judgmental, encouraging, challenging environment. Learning to take control of our minds, actions, feelings, lives, boundaries, relationships.  

Connecting to spirit and lost loved ones. Learning our own unique communication skill sets and meditation techniques, accessing altered states of consciousness , learning to trust myself and intuition, removing negative programming, Believing in my powers and abilities knowing I am a powerful being.

Giving us the ability to gain insight, inspiration, and intuition to manifest our own future.  

With the tools and guidance from Grant, I was able to unlock my powers to manifest and create my own wants and dreams, removing the self-doubt And giving the courage to leave my 9-5 state job and invest in myself wholly. I am now the corporate owner of a crystal and fine mineral gift shop, and I am able to be home with my youngest school-age child.  

Prior to knowing Grant, I also had multiple physical disorders, which labelled me disabled. From an adrenal disorder to a muscle disorder, I was unable to walk some days and was on multiple medications. Today, I take nothing and am able to function normally. I am able to heal myself when I feel any type of episode coming on.  

I can truly, honestly, say that randomly finding Grant online, these many years ago, has amazingly changed me spiritually, mentally and physically.

Along this journey, I've connected with so many other like-minded peers from all over the world who have become lifelong friends. I've learned to trust in myself, in my gifts, and to be who I was put on this planet to be... ME .
💜 💜💜💜💜SO THANKFUL FOR YOU SIR !!! 💜💜💜💜 Wendy - USA


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