Aura Scanner Readings

Do you have burning questions going around and around in your head that are keeping you awake

 Is your life going to plan right now?  

Stuck in a rut?  

Feeling lost with no direction?  

Always in a state of despair and constant worry?

Then book in for an Aura Scanner reading or a LIVE Aura Scanner consultation!

 As we have all experienced over the past few years, nothing is set in stone, and our lives can change in an instant, for the better or for the worst or a mixture of both.  
This can sometimes affect our decision making in life, not knowing what we should be doing or not doing, where we should going or not going, what we should or should not be saying.  

Examples of questions to ask
Should I stay in this relationship or will I meet someone new and when?
Will I get that promotion next month?
Will I get pregnant next year?
Will we move home next year?
Do I have 'X' health condition?
Missing persons
Lost items
Should I take that job abroad?
Does this person like me?
In fact whatever questions you may have, there are answers!
The Aura Scanners will also show you the strength of the answers too!

How do the Aura Scanners work?
They work similar to dowsing rods but are much more advanced, think of dowsing rods X 1000 power!
The scanners also have numerous features such as helping to clear your aura and heal too.

The scanners are held in the hands. They operate via a free-moving spindle, which means they can turn outwards or inwards or even spin round in circles while the handle is kept still.

The scanners turn outwards for a YES and inwards for a NO.

If the answer is a very strong YES! Or a very strong NO! The scanner will show this by moving outwards or inwards rapidly and may end up spinning around.

The scanners have to be regulated before every reading and consultation to make sure that they are working correctly.

The scanners will be asked if they are regulated at the beginning of the recording of the video, before any of your questions are asked, so that you can physically see that they are regulated and cleared of the previous readings energy.

For the scanners to work best for you, have your questions written down in front of you. You must be mindful of how you formulate your question so that is not open to misinterpretation.

Eg: Will I meet someone?
The answer will undoubtedly be YES
Why is this?
This is because you will meet people every day. People at work, the postman, the checkout lady, your neighbours for example.
The Aura Scanner isn't lying, it's just that you haven't clarified your question.

A better way to formulate your question would be to ask: Will I meet someone romantically for a long term relationship within the next 6/12 months?
The answer may be YES or NO.
If it's a YES, you may ask for example: Will the relationship last longer than a year? Will we be highly compatible?
Will we have children together?
Will we get married? Will they be the love of my life? 

These are a few examples of how to formulate your questions to give you the best answers possible.

 There are 2 ways to receive an Aura Scanner reading.
1. Six question YES/No reading
The scanners will be asked 6 questions that you want answers to.
This will be recorded via video which will be sent to you.
Please allow up to 3 days for the recording to be sent to you.
Investment - £57 / roughly US$85 

2. In-depth live online 1-2-1 1hr consultation
This in an in-depth consultation where you can ask any of those burning questions that you really want the answers to.
These questions may be health related, relationship related, work related, spiritually related, whatever you wish.
For this consultation you will need to have 10 questions ready to ask.
The scanners will be asked the 10 questions that you want answers to.
Additional questions for clarification are allowed on this live consultation.
Consultations are done on Zoom.
Please allow up to 5 days to receive the video recording of your consultation after it has taken place.
Investment - £197 / roughly US$125

For those of you choosing to have the LIVE in-person consultation, advice can be given on how to formulate your questions for the best answers possible.

Take that worry away and get some clarity today!
You deserve peace and happiness in your life!

Book in for your reading or consultation below.

 "I was at a point in my life where I felt unsure and overwhelmed with life. I needed to make some decisions but couldn’t focus. The reading with Grant was exactly what I needed. It gave me clarity and the kick up the backside that I desperately needed. I had some home truths that I needed to hear and some great guidance on what I really needed to do. After the reading I needed a lie down to take it all in and allow myself to really focus and make some tough decisions Thank you Grant I really appreciate your support and help. Bless you" 

Kal - UK

"I’ve been blessed for many many years to have your guidance. Your free card readings, spiritual guidance readings ( the most honest, straightforward I have ever received) Attended many meditations with your classes - ( one of which will stay with me forever because it completely changed my life ) Classes- lives- your podcasts ….. You’ve given and guided- educated I’m always grateful to you Grant."

Sue - USA

 "I love honesty & that’s what you give. Offering help & awareness in so many ways 😃x." 

Karen - UK

"I attended a few of your group meditation and workshop sessions and I also received from you a spiritual guidance reading. All of them helped me to look into myself and gain a better understanding of myself and changed my way of looking at the world and people surrounding me in my everyday life. It helped me to respect myself and stop being bothered by what others think of me as well as to believe in myself more. Your work also helped me to go through a grief after losing my mum who was a very close friend of mine as well as parent. I changed my attitude to life and what actually is important to me. My relationship with my children has improved and I feel 'free' and not experiencing a fear of being dependent on others or doing things to please others in fear of losing a job or people who used to be considered to be my friends. I also lost a fear of thinking independently or expressing my thoughts even if some may find them 'odd'. Let me to use this opportunity to thank you for helping me to improve my life and wish you all the best. Best wishes Magdalena"

Magdalena - UK

"I found you during your 1 card readings on FB then I did meditations and Past Life and of course a Reading from you. All amazing and insightful."

Bernadette - USA

"You’re an amazingly gifted person & have helped me understand more about life etc. 💜💜."

Christine - UK

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  • 1 hr 1-2-1 live AURA Scanner consultation
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